IntelliSec also offers a gastronomic application for restaurants, cafes, bars, wine taverns, catering, food courts and similar. at. This complete catering software fulfills the requirement for the flexibility of the data acquisition per guest, table, section and the boning of e.g. orders for the production chain in the kitchen.

Overview of the most important functions:

Table view customizable

Define different areas for your own table plan

Mobile table view

Table change

Table bon

Magnetic chip

Different users – different allocation of rights  (Selection of the kitchen in the kitchen)

Waiter’s note on bon – special wishes

Order printer for Auschank, kitchen etc.

Control of various printers

Boning with mobile devices

Split bill

Discount or rebate

Cancellation of the bill with reason

Invoice reprint

Change the payment method

Return Money Calculator

Own consumption

and so on